Open Call

A global initiative driven by PATIO Campus corporations to address their sustainability challenges.

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What is PATIO Campus?

A neutral space that was created with the objective of becoming the meeting point of the innovative ecosystem, connecting corporations, entrepreneurs, public administration and all those agents necessary for innovation to occur
What do we release

We invite startups to participate in a unique call focused on the circular economy and sustainability. Collaborate with industry leaders to develop solutions that have a positive impact on the world.

To whom do we make the call

If you have a solution aligned with the principles of the circular economy and that provides solutions to the challenges proposed by the corporations behind the program, we want to know you!


A call to address business challenges from the field of Circular Economy. From PATIO Campus, an association founded by BMW Group España, Cepsa, Iberia, Inditex, L’Oréal, Mahou San Miguel, Merlin Properties and Pascual, we call on the entrepreneurial ecosystem to present us with solutions and ideas that address the following challenges:


Waste management and recovery

We face the challenge of efficiently managing waste and its revaluation to reduce environmental impact and maximize the recovery of valuable materials. We are looking for innovative solutions that help optimize logistics and waste exchange between the stakeholders involved in its transformation.


Sustainable water management

Sustainable water management is crucial to minimize the water footprint and ensure efficient use of this vital resource. We are looking for innovative technologies and methods that facilitate water management, facing increasing regulations and expectations of sustainability.


Circular value chain

Integrating circular economy principles throughout the value chain represents a significant challenge. We need solutions that improve traceability and transparency in the use of recycled and sustainable materials, facilitating collaboration between suppliers and partners and promoting sustainable practices at every stage of the production process.


Zero Emissions

The energy transition is an urgent priority to meet global sustainability decarbonization objectives. Companies need innovations that help them implement new processes towards sustainable models and promote innovative solutions for the management of their emissions.


Sustainable and inclusive mobility

Sustainable and inclusive mobility focuses on developing transport systems and infrastructures that are not only environmentally friendly, but are also accessible to all segments of society. We are looking for solutions that implement innovative technologies and methods that promote the expansion of sustainable mobility.


How to participate

1. Registry

Complete the registration form with detailed informatRon about your startup and the proposed solution.

2. Evaluation

A panel of experts will evaluate the proposals based on criteria such as innovation, viability and potential impact.

3. Selection

The selected proposals will have the opportunity to present their solutions at an exclusive event to the Patio Campus team and the founding companies.

Participation requirements

The acceleration program developed by PATIO Campus and the driving corporations will accept proposals that meet the following requirements:

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Established company or legal entity, with the exception of products or services developed in the academic field or research centers.
Consolidated and committed team, at least two full-time people on the team.
Sustainable and technological solution with a product validated in the market.
Be aware of all your legal obligations.

Startup Journey

July 8 - October 10, 2024

Open Call

During this period, startups that have solutions to the sustainable challenges of the circular economy may apply to the call by clicking on the Sign up! button. In order to complete and send the application form, it is necessary to create an account on the official platform with the personal data of at least one of the team members.

October 10 - November 15, 2024


A panel of experts, the PATIO team and the driving corporations will evaluate each registration based on several criteria, including innovation and sustainability, market potential, capacity to solve the challenges posed by the open call, team strength and scalability.

November 15 - November 25

Meetings with corporations

Throughout these two weeks, each corporation will meet with the selected startups individually, with the aim of better understanding the needs, opportunities and possible collaborations once the acceleration occurs. After these sessions, startups that pass this phase will have access to the Pitch Day.

Week of November 25

Pitch Day

The finalist startups will attend Pitch Day, a face-to-face event in the PATIO Campus space where startups, corporations, academic entities and other organizations will celebrate the opening ceremony of the acceleration process.

December 2 - December 22, 2024

LAUNCH Phase 1

We identify the specific needs of the selected startups to design a personalized program that builds their growth, while at the same time deeply understanding the challenges of the corporations promoting the program. Startups will also have access to national and international experts and mentors to facilitate connections that enhance their passage through the program.

January 13 - March 10, 2025

CLIMB Phase 2

During 8 weekly sprints, startups receive specialized training, direct support of C-level profiles, the possibility of access to investment networks and collaboration with the PATIO ecosystem, and technological or service benefits. In addition, there will be sprint reviews to share the progress of the program with the promoting corporations.

March 10 - March 25, 2025

SUMMIT Phase 3

The program culminates with a Demo Day event in which the startups will show the progress obtained during the program and will have access to the PATIO investor network and the driving corporations.